About us

             Here at DocuScan Pro, we strive to offer the most secure way of storing and retrieving customer information. Our private company consists of a team that offers over 35 years of experience and expertise in car dealership operations. Our main goal is to decrease the amount of time it takes to get a deal funded while providing an easier and more secure solution to gather customer information. We know we can help increase the productivity of each and every sales floor. Decreasing the headache of searching for misplaced documents is an added bonus.

             Due to our extensive time working within various departments of the automotive field, DocuScan Pro will always have the dealer in mind. We set out to create an affordable and useful application that will help increase productivity while increasing bottom line. Docuscan Pro will also decrease the amount paid in excess inventory costs and help get the next deal done and out the door. Trust DocuScan Pro to take your dealership to the next level in sales. Visit our sign-up page to get started today.


Docuscan Pro allows dealers to set up all the members of the sales operation into one system. From there managing users can request needed documentation from either sales


Using one interactive “Heat Sheet” all information that is needed can be uploaded and approved. No more lost documents.


No private customer information sitting on desks. All information is kept encrypted on a secure server to be accessed at any time by approved users.